Maintenance, service and repairs

SPECIFICATION: Maintenance, service and repairs of all goods, stack and passenger Lift for a period of 12 months on As and When required basis



1.     Scope of Work

2.     Definitions

3.     Maintenance References and Compliance

4.     Maintenance Units Identity

5.     Preventative Maintenance

6.     Contract Performance

7.     Terms of Payment

8.     Pricing

9.     Bill of Quantities

Appendix 1: Maintenance Schedules Tasks Description


1.     Scope Of Work

1.1. The scope of the work / services to be provided by the contractor is as follows:

  Carry out Elevator/lift preventative maintenance and corrective maintenance or repairs.

  The scope also includes a 24hr, Monday to Friday emergency service as and when required by WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE

  The contractor will ensure that all lift/elevators or escalators works effectively and will point out all major faults to WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE

  Attend to call out/ emergency electrical repairs


2.     Definitions

2.1Project Manager Infrastructure: A manager of WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE responsible of building and infrastructure portfolio or any person lawfully acting in that capacity.

2.2Maintenance Unit: Electrical unit.

2.3Normal Working Hours: Hours of work as determined by a wage regulating measure or statutory enactment for any trade or activity, during which the basic minimum rate of pay is applicable and excludes all time for which a higher rate of pay is obligatory. Where no wage regulating measure is in force, the hours will be 07h00 to 17h00 Mondays to Fridays excluding a daily meal break.

2.4Contractor: Successful tender who is appointed by WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE and will be responsible to carry out the works as per this specification.


3.     Maintenance References and Compliance

3.1. All electrical and air-conditioning work will be in accordance with the following publications

  SABS 0142, SABS 1152 and SABS 0147 Code of Practices

  E7/1 or E7/2, E4E specifications

  OHS Act 85 of 1993 as amended and

  Other applicable Municipal By-Laws and Regulations

  Contractor must submit at least three CVs for qualified (Trade Tested) technicians and attached all certificates for trade test


4.     Maintenance Units Identity

The contractor must familiarize himself with units installed on campuses. This can be arranged with Project Manager Infrastructure.

5.     Preventative Maintenance

5.1. All planned work will be carried out during normal working hours at the cost tendered for in the Bill Of Quantities. Visits to the premises will be as scheduled for the contractor to carry work on the maintenance units as per this specification. The Air-handling units room will have a site log book which is to be properly completed by the Contractor on every visit and the reason for the visit recorded.

5.2. Planned work referred to herein will include

  Monthly maintenance/service as and when requested by Project Manager Infrastructure;

See Appendix 1 for the minimum tasks to be performed for each maintenance schedule.

5.3. The Contractor shall produce and issue to WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE a written report of any testing, inspection, examination, investigation and/or assessment undertaken and execution of any repairs by the Contractor. Reports will highlight

  the type of work or service done

  problems experienced

  results of inspection

  faults found and their priority thereof

Quotations for any corrective work required shall be submitted to WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE and on the approval of such quotations the Contractor will correct or repair accordingly.

5.4. WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE reserves the right to conduct an independent safety and quality audit to be carried out on the lift maintenance performance


6.     Contract Performance

6.1. The contractor will sign a service level agreement with the WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE.

  the number of breakdowns for specific period

  the turnaround time to attend to emergency callouts

  planned vs. actual progress

  submission of reports, invoices and other administration duties

  payment of invoices


7.     Terms Of Payment

7.1. The terms of payment will be monthly and upon receiving the invoice, WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE shall pay the Contractor within 30 days. This is subject to the invoicing being both correct and free from anomalies.

7.2. All pricing information shall be exclusive of VAT.

7.3. Invoices shall show the period, the lump sum for the maintenance work and the breakdown of all work for which the payment is being claimed for. All non-maintenance invoices shall be presented on a per maintenance unit basis and a fully itemized list of the work being charged for will be incorporated into the invoice. A photocopy of the worksheet which shall indicate entry and exit times from site which shall be signed by the WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE representative shall be attached to the invoice and any invoices submitted without this attachment and fully completed to the satisfaction of the WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE will be rejected.

7.4. Additional works shall be separately invoiced and these shall be submitted monthly. Where such works are covered by the Schedules of Rates the schedules shall be strictly adhered to in preparing the invoice. Works authorized by WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE representative which falls outside the scope of the contract and the Bill of Quantities shall be invoiced separately and fully detailed with the works involved and cross referenced to the issued order number. WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE reserves the right to request the invoice for the material or spare parts purchased by the Contractor on the works done.

7.5. If invoices are presented which do not fully comply with the format as detailed, they will be rejected. All invoices shall portray the identity number of the maintenance unit involved and site location and VAT as a sum of money shall be included within the total monies being claimed. A schedule of accumulative costs shall be submitted each month showing the expenditure to date of non-contract repair works and misuse / vandalism as two separate totals. WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE will accept no liability and/or responsibility for the late payment of the invoices which have been incorrectly addressed by the Contractor.

7.6. No payment shall be made by WATERBERG TVET COLLEGE for any unauthorized call out/service or maintenance performed by the Contractor.


8.     Pricing

8.1. From the compulsory site briefing, the Contractor shall familiarize himself with the present conditions of all lift installed and submit prices accordingly; additional changes to the maintenance contract will not be accepted.

8.2. The  Contractor shall include for all costs associated with the works for his use to include plant, tools, test equipment, chemicals, sundry materials; temporary lighting, small plant and tools; temporary plant and equipment to maintain operations in breakdowns; off-loading, hoisting and handling of all materials and plant; access to the works, administration and security; transport for staff;  protecting the Works; safety, health and welfare of people;  removing rubbish, protective casings and coverings away from the site and cleaning the works on completion; temporary screens, hoardings, guard rails, landing barriers, scaffolding and  similar items; control of noise, pollution and all other statutory obligations;  all necessary attendances in connection with examination and/or tests in compliance with OHS Act Regulations and all necessary management and supervision of the Works.

8.3. There will be and agreed annual percentage escalation on this maintenance contract on items listed on the Schedule of Prices.


9.     Call outs/ emergencies

The contractor will from time to time be expected to attend to any emergencies or call outs as and When required by college.



Maintenance Unit

Maintenance Schedule

Tasks Description

1. Lift/ Elevator/escalators

As per manufacture specification or regulation

  Repair, maintain and service lifts (passengers, goods or stair lifts) and escalators using hand and power tools, testing devices such as test lamps, ammeters and voltmeters

  Identify faults or hazards

  Trouble shooting system failures

  Connect electrical wiring to control panels and electric motors

  Maintain or adjust safety controls, counterweights, door mechanism and components such as valves, ratchets, seals and brake linings.

  Responding to fault requests

  Locate malfunctioning in brakes

  Locate malfunctioning in motors

  Locate malfunctioning in switches

  Locate malfunctioning in signal and control system using testing equipment

  Check that safety regulations and building codes are met

  Complete service report

  Verifying condition of lift and conformance to standards









Rate(Year 1)

Excluding Vat

Rate(Year 2)

Excluding Vat


Normal working Hours (Monday to Friday from 7am to 4:00pm)





1.1.  Labour rate (Lift Mechanic)





1.2 Labour rate (assistant artisan)










After hours





2.1.Labour  Rate (Air-con Technician)





2.2 Labour rate (assistant artisan)











Sunday Hours





3.1.Labour  Rate (Lift Mechanic)





3.3 Labour rate (assistant artisan)











Public Holidays





4.1.Labour  Rate (Lift Mechanic)






4.2 Labour rate (assistant artisan)










Travel Rate to be calculated from Central Office, Mokopane 







No Charge

No Charge


>50 up to 500 maximum





Material Mark-up


























Sub - total










Grand total










Previous Experience: (Relevant experience to Passenger/goods Lift/Elevator repairs, maintenance and service)

(Supply detail info on projects successfully completed and letters of references)

   >3 Recent Projects= 20 points

   2- 3 Recent Projects =17 points

1- 2projects = 10 points





 CIDB Grading

   2 ME or higher = 15 Points

   1 ME = 13 Points

No CIDB = 0 Points





Capacity: Resources available for this project (min 4, attach copies of trade test certificates, National Diploma and CVs)

   Trade tested Lift Mechanics x 3 = 15 points

   Trade tested lift Mechanic x 2, = 10 Points

Trade tested Lift Mechanic x 1 = 0 points










Minimum of 80% must be achieved to qualify to next evaluation stage (Price 80 and 20 BEE). Formula will be used to determine successful bidder





Bidders are hereby invited to submit quotations by Friday 13 November 2020 at 10h00 am. Due to COVID- 19 only emailed submissions will be accepted. Please email your quotation to Mr M Jwara, Please attach BBBEE certificate, CSD report, Tax Clearance, Bank verification letter, CIDB grading status, company proposal detailing project team and their qualifications etc., price proposal, trade test certificates and personnel CVs

All queries can be addressed to Waterberg College Infrastructure Manager, Mr MT Jwara on 015 492 9000