Supply and delivery of stationery

Quotations are hereby invited from qualifying suppliers to supply and deliver stationery


Advert - WTC - STA/01/04/2021: Supply and delivery of stationery

Quotations displaying quotation number WTC- STA/01/04/2021 must be submitted on/or before the closing time

Closing date                             : 16/04/2021

Closing time                             : 14H00 pm

Validity Period of Tender         : 90 days

Compulsory site meeting:          none


Technical/Administration Enquiries may be addressed to:

Mr G Langa/ Mr C Ramaroka/ Mr N Lekalakala/ Ms K Marota

Waterberg TVET College (Central office)   

Email: / / /      


Tenders should have a contractor grading designation of: NONE


Copy of CK certificate must be attached indicating member's names and percentage ownership within the enterprise, Valid tax clearance PIN and BBBEE registration to claim Preferential Points and CSD. Contractor must submit their quotations and all attachments to Central office - Cnr Hooge & Totius streets, Chroompark, 0600


The Waterberg TVET College does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any quotation. The right is reserved to accept any tender in whole or in part and re-advertise this quotation any time after the closing date.



Unit price

Total inc VAT

Plastic clip boards A4

10 each



Arch Lever Files PVC

824 each



BIC Black Pens boxes (box of 60)

8 boxes



BIC Green Pens  boxes (box of 60)

5 boxes



BIC Red Pens  boxes (box of 60)

6 boxes



BIC Blue Pens  boxes (box of 60)

4 boxes



Pritt Glue 43g

52 each



Staedtler Pencil eco HB (box of 10)

10 boxes



Pencil Rubber

86 each




32 each



Packaging Tape (Clear)

15 each



Sticky Note

70 each



Stick 'n pop up flags - (4 colours with 40 sheets - not paperflags)

50 each



Push Pins

5 each



Giant Puncher

5 each



Puncher (40 sheets capacity)

10 each



Staplers (30 sheets capacity)

40 each



Giant Stapler (staples 30- 150 pages)

5 each



Giant staples ( 150 sheet capacity)

10 each



Ruler 30 cm

66 each



Giant Staple Remover

15 each



Medium Staple Remover

10 each



File Divider Monthly (10 per Pack)

40 packs



File Divider Numbers (10 per Pack)

20 packs



File Divider Tab plain (10 per Pack)

46 packs



File Divider Alphabet (10 per Pack)

6 packs



White Cubes refills(100mm*100mm)

20 boxes



Paper Clips Large (33mm)

20 boxes



Paper Clips Long size (77mm)

20 boxes



Memory Sticks (8GB)

66 each



Rubber Band (100g)

20 bags



Scissor (21cm)

10 each



Suspension Files (box of 25)

2 boxes



A4 photo copy papers Typek (5 reams in a box)

50 boxes



Box Fly Paper( 10 pack ruled paper)

24 pack



Exam Pad

80 each



Three Quire Notebook

30 each



Frosted Sheets (100 per pack)

2 packs



White Board Marker (box of 10)colours

50 boxes



Whiteboard Eraser

64 each



Whiteboard Cleaning Spray

43 each



Correction pen (Tippex)

40 each



Clutch Pencil 0.5mm

6 each



Clutch Pencil Lead 0.5mm 2H

6 each



Student Drawing Compass

6 each



30' Set Squares

6 each



45' Set Squares

6 each



Highlighters box assorted (box of 10)

10 boxes



Crostina Files

10 each



Adhesive 100g (bostik)

40 each




20 each



File Cover

10 each



Staples 30 sheets capacity (box of 5000)

50 boxes



Plastic Pocket File (pack of 100)

50 each



White Dust Free Chalks (box of 100)

10 boxes



A3 Laminating pouch (pack of 100)

2 packs



0.5 Fine Nib retractable gel pen

10 each



Cartridge HP 963 Magenta

8 each



Cartridge HP 963 Cyan

8 each



Cartridge HP 963 Black

8 each



Cartridge HP 963 Yellow

8 each



HP Laserjet 85A

6 each



HP Laserjet 12A

3 each



HP Laserjet Cartridge 90A

14 each



Cartridge 37A

2 each



HP Laserjet Cartridge 37A

12 each



HP Laserjet Cartridge 81A

4 each





















Grand Total